Bridal Party

Bridal Party

Maid of Honor – Rachel Trampel, sister of the bride

Rachel Trampel
Well Rachel and I have grown up since kids and even shared a bedroom for a few years when our youngest sister Kaitlyn was born. We got into our fair share of trouble and always had fun. Whether that was playing homemade Nickelodeon Gak or dressing up for photo shoots during the summer. I greatly appreciate everything Rachel has done for me over the years and greatly appreciate her fashionable assistance with all the wedding planning.

Bridesmaid – Brooke Coens, University of Minnesota friend of the bride


Brooke is first to admit we did not hit it off when we first met.  It was my sophomore year in college and Brooke was Katie Simpson’s new roommate.  It is funny looking back on being “forced to hang out” because Brooke is now one of my best friends years later.  Some of my favorite Brooke moments are eating an onion sandwich on the way to let Brooke clean my teeth for her dental exam or drinking wine and putting on Mario & Wario costumes.

Bridesmaid – Katie Simpson, University of Minnesota friend of the bride

Katie Simpson

Katie Simpson and I met as freshman year roommates.  The amount of mischief or lack there of I will not reveal, but she was always up for fun activities and it was great to be out in San Francisco together for 1 year.  One of my best memories with Katie is going to her hometown of Rolla, NC and kayaking on the lake.  It was the first time I was in a very small town of 2,000 people.  Who would have guessed I would be marrying someone from a town of only 200 people a few years later.  Most important reason for our friendship is she has the best connection to fresh strawberry cake, how could I resist?

Bridesmaid – Kaitlyn Trampel, sister of the bride

Kaitlyn Trampel

Last and not least is my 9 year younger sister that constantly reminds me that I am getting old.  Kaitlyn has always been the little sister that I like to help out and preach too.  It is funny seeing how quickly she has grown up and now attends Iowa State University.  We have had great moments together such as traveling cross country to North Carolina sharing our love for shopping, fried pickles, and cute kitties.  We also share our first auntie hood with Rachel’s dog Emma.


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