Groom Party


Best Man – Bryan Van’t Hof, brother of the groom

As the eldest brother in the family, Bryan has blazed the path that the rest of us have followed. Although I broke precedent by not following my brothers to St. Cloud State, alma mater of such notables as Todd Bouman and Richard Dean Anderson, it was Bryan who would often provide advice and guidance throughout my college years and continues to do so today. He also let me drive his Chrysler Sebring convertible around town before I had my driver’s license which is probably a small part of the reason he is now best man.

Groomsman – Nathan Van’t Hof, brother of the groom.

Nathan is a pretty quiet guy, but he’s also been very supportive throughout the years. For example, he let me stay in the 5′ by 5′ laundry room of his apartment rent free for two summers when I worked in Sioux Falls. Fortunately, he has a spare bedroom in his house now, so whenever I visit, I have a bed to stay in after a day of hitting the links or night of bowling and beers with him and Eric.

Groomsman – Eric Van’t Hof, brother of the groom.

Eric would probably say having him as an older brother made sure I didn’t turn out soft. He was the older brother that liked to make life hard for his younger, smarter, more handsome sibling. I guess I turned out alright, so it couldn’t have been all bad I suppose. As a reminder of the lessons Eric taught me, I still have the scar in my eyebrow from the time he wanted the pillow I was using and tried to yank it away from me by pulling me under the foot rest of the couch. The end result was 7 stitches and the scar you see today. Quite frankly, I’m surprised that was the only time that I ended up going to the emergency room growing up with 3 older brothers.

Groomsman – Kyle Toering, cousin of the groom

Kyle had the privilege of living right next door to me for most of his life growing up in Leota. I can only imagine how much time we spent playing sports and video games together. For the most part we got along really well, except the few times when I resorted to pulling his hair when we did fight. As we got older, I would typically show up to his place on Friday and Saturday nights to go out cruising with him whether he liked it or not. I also had the privilege of being his best man at his wedding down in Mexico, which was a blast. Hopefully we will be able to do that again someday (the go to Mexico part, not the getting married part).


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